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Fresh ideas for your garden space

What garden is complete without a feature - a focal point to draw the eye and add interest?  Even the smallest of gardens can be transformed by adding a pretty gazebo, summerhouse or pavilion. But with such a wealth of designs and styles on the market what should you look out for when buying a quality garden building?

Summerhouses & Gazebos

Summerhouses and Gazebos

A Summerhouse or Gazebo will add charm and interest to any garden. A corner summerhouse like the one pictured, tucks neatly into even the smallest of city gardens and provides a sheltered retreat in which to enjoy the fruits of your garden labours.  There are plenty of sizes to choose from; to suit any sized garden.

Create a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors by extending design themes or colours from your house to your summerhouse.

An octagonal or hexagonal summerhouse or gazebo adds an interesting dimension and with the addition of a pretty paint colour & cedar shingles, an octagonal building will focus the eye and illuminate a dark corner.

By choosing a quality product and adding double glazing you can use your building all year round, say an artist’s studio or garden craft room.

Garden Offices

If you work from home, a dedicated building in your garden, away from the distractions of the house, a place for quiet work & contemplation may be the answer.  With a view of the birds and the changing garden throughout the seasons it is certainly a lot less stressful than a “sick” concrete building.

A quality log cabin, made to measure, is an attractive addition to any garden.  With a choice of styles both contemporary and traditional, there are a whole host of log cabins to choose from.

Choose a building manufactured from slow grown Northern European timber that is built to last.  Add double glazing and insulation and you will be snug and warm in winter and cool as a cucumber in summer! And there are health benefits to working inside a wooden building too. A Canadian academic study that measured the effects of wooden surroundings on people being subjected to stress, found marked differences compared with other environments. People tested for stress responses such as blood pressure, heart rate and digestive upset showed significantly less response when tested in wood surroundings.


A stylish, quality and strategically placed garden shed can provide a lovely focal point in any sized garden.  In a small garden, don’t let limited space stop you from being bold!  Paint in a zingy colour, choose an unusual roof design, and make a real statement.

A high quality, “Posh Shed” is designed not only to offer a warm, dry storage space, but garden designers have been building them in to their plans for years.

By adding plenty of light with additional windows and a work bench, a basic shed can be transformed into the ideal potting shed.

Timber Garages

A premium quality timber garage will add value to your property.  Choose a made to measure range with a large variety of door and window options that can be made to fit your space.

Combining a garage with storage needs and even adding a workshop, by adding a partition is no problem.  A quality timber garage makes the perfect place for woodworking, renovating your classic car or bike, or just a solid, dry space to store your tools.

A timber garage is an important investment in your home, so be sure to look for quality timber, slow grown, from managed forests and you will be the envy of your neighbours!


Making the most of your outdoor space is easy with the wide range of high quality garden buildings now on offer and a garden building you can use all year round is a really simple option compared to adding an extension to your house.

Think carefully about all your requirements, visit a display site and take advantage of your supplier’s specialist advice.  Many suppliers also offer a self-assembly option, which saves on budget if you have a bit more time and patience!

Garden Affairs offer a huge range of garden buildings including: summerhouses & gazebos, garden offices & studios, posh sheds, timber garages & log cabins. All models can be customised to suit your needs, and we offer a full installation service in the UK. – call us on 01225 774566.



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